This Side Up Labels - 125 Count


This Side Up Labels - 125 Count 011560

Tag-A-Room This Side Up Color Coded Moving Labels (125 Count), Moving Supplies

  • Save Time – Less Stress – Make sure your friends and movers know which room to place your boxes in.
  • Organize Your Move – Place Boxes Quickly – These clear bold printed color coded labels that the guess work out of messy markers
  • Different Rooms to choose from – You can build your own moving or packing system
  • 125 Count 1" x 4" Each

The ORIGINAL Color Coded Moving System from TAG-A-ROOM. The unique minds of the TAG-A-ROOM innovators (professional mover’s with 35 years experience) came up with this system 20 years ago. They knew that in a rush you have no time to write neatly or search for the black sharpie. With TAG-A-ROOM, every room has a specific color and bold print for easy identification. No longer will moving companies, friends or family, have to shake a box or try and read your hand writing. Thanks to TAG-A-ROOM, all they have to do is look for the label to know which room to place your box. Some may say that this is a little on the obsessive-compulsive side, but what better way to ensure that your precious memories are treated as precious when they travel from one place to another.

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