Moving? It’s typically stressful. Moving on your own is even more stressful. What about hiring movers? Where do you begin? What questions do you ask? How do you know if you’re committing to a dependable company? We have taken the guesswork out of it for you. 

First, think about a budget that you are comfortable with. That could be an hourly budget or a final amount due budget. Having this will prep you to find the right price when getting quotes from companies. Now, one good thing to know is that the cheaper the price does not mean the better the company. We have made a list of questions to ask and provide some key information for getting the most out of your move quote.

  1. Have a list of items ready for the Move Coordinator or Sales Representative who is giving you your quote

Example: 1 King Bed, 2 Twin Beds, 1 Sofa, 1 Love Seat, 1 Large Rug, 23 Large Boxes, 15 Medium Boxes, etc. (Also note that it is often difficult to project how many boxes you may end up with so try and give an estimate.)

When a company that does not ask you detailed questions about your move and only quotes you an hourly rate, run! You will have no idea how much you may end up paying and can be legally bound to the final invoice if a proper quote is not given.

  1. Ask if they are licensed and insured

Every State’s regulations may be different but it is best to know exactly what a company must have so you know who to put your trust in. In Texas, for example, all moving companies must be registered with TXDot and carry a minimum liability of $0.60 per lb/per item.

Example: if a 65 lb dresser that you paid for gets damaged, the moving company legally has to pay you only $39.00 but you may have paid $300.00 for it. 

TIP: Ask about increased coverage. It may cost you a little more but can save you a lot!

  1. Compare Quotes

Do not, I repeat, do not immediately go with the company that is the cheapest. Collect 3-5 quotes and see where their pricing is. The cheapest isn’t always the best. Often times they may have lower hourly rates but then include hidden fees, surcharges, and/or transportation fees or perhaps take twice as long to move you, running up the clock. 

  1. Interview Them

Ask questions like:

  1. Do you have an in-person office?
  2. Are you accredited with the Better Business Bureau?
  3. Do the Movers go through a background check?
  4. What is the experience level of the movers?
  5. How much for additional coverage?
  6. When does my time start on the clock? 
  1. Check Out Reviews 

Anyone can sound great on the phone, but it’s always good to find out more about a company from their former customers. Check out Google Reviews. Most companies will have an account. What’s nice about Google is that you will typically find both good and bad reviews there. Unlike other sites which tend to drive more negative feedback, Google seems to have a better platform for all reactions. 

These key steps will really help take the edge off trying to find the right moving company for you. Read those reviews and interview the move coordinators! And as always, a smooth move is a better move!