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What is Tag-A-Room?

The Tag-A-Room product line offers people, who need to move their office or home, a way to reduce the stress and confusion associated with the experience.



“These made moving so much easier! Both for us and the movers. Worth the price!”
– Paula Hernandez

“These stickers were perfect for labeling boxes during my recent move. The colors are ideal for helping me and my movers know immediately which room boxes belong. Huge thumbs up!”
– CTMom

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Tag-A-Room Color Coded Reusable Fastening Cable Ties/Organizer, Cable Straps, Hook and Loop Microfiber 6 Inch (15 Count)

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Product Details
  • Color-Code different kinds of stored cables, so you know if they go to your computer, home theater, etc
  • Wrap around rolls of shelf paper and wrapping paper to keep them from unrolling
  • Fasten holiday garlands around stair railings and banisters
  • Use straps to bundle together fishing poles when travelling
  • Check out our Store for more Color Coding Items
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