Using Tag-A-Room Labels To Help Organize Your Move

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Labeling Your Boxes and Furniture When Moving

Let’s start with labeling the boxes you are packing. One common mistake people make is labeling only the top of the box. However, we recommend labeling at least two sides of the box or labeling all four sides. Keep in mind if you label only the top of the box you will find yourself unstacking your boxes when carrying the boxes into your new home or storage facility to read the labels.

Proper Tag-A-Room Labeling Will Reduce Unloading Times

To reduce the number of trips into the home and help ensure your movers have placed the boxes in the correct room. We recommend labeling all boxes on the sides, and by the room that the box came from.

Use our Door IDs and Legend Sheets to help your movers, family, and friends know where to place the boxes according to the rooms they are labeled as. For example, place a Legend Sheet at the entrance of your home or stairs. This will help guide the mover to the box-designated room or floor.

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Increase Organization

  • Less Stress – Providing a smooth and more organized move experience.
  • Organizing, Color-coding, & no stress locating after moving.

Save Time & Money

  • Locating boxes after move with color-coded items.
  • Price depending on quantity and quality.
  • Cost of moving is deducted by time.

Avoid Claims

  • Will help decrease the number of misplaced items.
  • Homeowners will dictate where exactly items will be placed according to the color-coded labels.
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  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
  • Avoid the scribbling everywhere, dry/messy markers, and ink on your stuff
  • Reuse box and just add different label on top.