Color Coding Home Moving Labels, 950 Count with Bonus Parts Box Labels

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Tag-A-Room Color Coding Home Moving Labels 950 Count with Bonus Parts Box Labels

  • Featuring the NEWEST members to our color coded moving label family is Bed RM #1, Bath RM #1, and Parts Box Label..
  • Save Time – Less Stress – Make sure your friends and movers know which room to place your boxes in.
  • Organize Your Move – Place Boxes Quickly – These clear bold printed color coded labels take the guess work out of messy markers
    • Labels are approximately 4″ x 1″ in size. These are Permanent Box Labels NOT Recommended to be used on furniture

Fragile labels help alert your movers to handle your moving boxes with special care. Open first, don’t load, survival kit, load last, and extra stop labels were designed to help organize when you start unpacking your moving boxes. Open first and survival kit are used to label the boxes you want to unload the first day in your new home.

If you have ever been looking for the TV remote or cables for your computer after a move, and couldn’t figure out which box you packed them in, then the parts box label can eliminate this problem and keep your post move organized and stress free.

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