Custom Branded Moving Labels

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  • 1 Package of 140 Permanent Box Moving Labels (1”x 4” labels)
    • 15 Master Bed, 15 Bed Rm #2, 10 Bed Rm #3, 10 Bed Rm #4, 5 Master Bath, 5 Bath Rm #2, 5 Bath Rm #3, 10 Living Rm, 10 Dining Rm, 15 Storage, 15 Kitchen, 10 Family Rm, 10 Study, 5 Utility Rm

These custom branded label packages are a great promotional item. Help your customer reduce the stress involved in moving by helping them organize. This is also a great item to cobrand with Realtors, Mortgage Lenders, or favorite service provider. Tag-A-Room can also include discount coupons inside the package for moving services and supplies.

We carefully package these items adding your custom branding to the label packages so you can give your clients something truly remarkable to remember you by and these items are things that will actually be useful to them!

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