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Item available for local pick up/delivery in San Antonio, Texas or Corpus Christi, Texas only.

Grey Moving Pads are recommend for shipping, moving, or use for storage around your home in the garage, basement, attic, etc.

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
    • These protective pads are great, economical, lightweight (1.66 lbs.), and perfect for protecting your items during a move and in storage against scratches and dust.
    • No worrying or stressing about using rented pads, assuage your fears with these clean textile pads.
  • Save money from renting pads while safeguarding your precious belongings in future moves
    • Moving companies often charge renting fees for pads that cost more than if you bought them yourself
  • Multiple uses
    • Can be used during trips to the beach as a versatile beach blanket that is bigger than any towel to lay down on.
    • Frost protection for outdoor plants (cover them up and uncover when sun and weather permits)
    • When pads are worn, don’t throw them away, you can use them for pet bedding to keep your family member nice and cozy
  • Made in North America
    • Size: 54″ X 72″
    • 3mm thickness
    • Made of recycled cotton fiber with 30% PET Fiber

Note: Not recommended for covering antique furniture or furniture that has deteriorating surfaces. You should use a paper pad on top of this surface first, then apply this padding to prevent sticking to finish.

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