Kitchen Labels – 50 Count

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Product Details
  • Save time and stress
    • Make sure your friends and movers know which room to place your boxes in.
  • Organize Your Move
    • These clear bold printed color coded labels take the guess work out of messy markers and help place boxes quickly
  • 50 Count Permanent Box Labels
    • Each label measures approximately 1″ x 4″ each
    • Not Recommended For Use On Furniture
Label Qty
Kitchen 50
Total Labels 50
  • Made in the USA

Tag-A-Room color coded moving labels are designed to help you quickly identify the correct room placement for your boxes. Where does it go? Now you know with Tag-A-Room! Place these permanent adhesive labels directly on at least two opposite corners of the moving box. It’s always better to label all four sides of the box. We don’t recommend labeling the top of your moving boxes because when your movers stack your boxes on the dolly, the top of the boxes will be covered and you will not know what room the boxes goes in. Also great to use for storage so you can easily and quickly identify boxes. Your friends and movers will love how organized your move is.

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