Move By Color Labeling System 350 count

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Tag-A-Room Color Coded Home Moving Box Labels Blank Customizable with Door IDs, 350 Count Moving Stickers, 1″ x 4″ Each

  • Move By Color Customizable Labeling System includes 350 (7 different colors) color coded moving label room blanks, 1 room legend sheets, and 7 door id cards.
  • Now you can name your own rooms – “Bobby, Suzy, craft, home theatre, man cave, library, whatever, with our room blank mover stickers there is no limit.
  • Save Time – Less Stress – Make sure your friends and movers know which room to place your boxes in.
  • Organize Your Move – Place Boxes Quickly – These clear bold printed color coded labels that the guess work out of messy markers
  • This is a great label pack for a residential, commercial, or office move
  • Made in the USA
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