Pack N Move Bundle 800

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Pack N Move Bundle

Tag-A-Room Pack N Move Bundle, Moving Labels (800 Count), Moving Tape (6 Rolls), Tape-Gun, Moving Supplies

Tag-A-Room Pack and Move Kit. Moving day is just around the corner you double check, no triple check your moving supplies. You count your moving boxes to ensure you have plenty for the move, 30 small boxes, 30 medium boxes, 15 large boxes, 5 x-large boxes, and 3 dish packs. You have 2 cases of packing tape with 2 easy side-load tape gun dispensers. You bought 20 pounds of newsprint packing paper for wrapping knick-knacks, cushion foam and 2 rolls of bubble wrap to protect the china and various other fragile items in the move. You look down at the last item and it suddenly brings back memories of how disorganized it was last time you moved. Boxes were everywhere you felt you were moving boxes around for days. Not this time though. You knew there was a better way to organize your move and there was, Tag-A-Room. The original pre-printed moving labels made by movers for movers, and serving the organized moving community for over 20 years. These pre-printed color coded moving stickers come in 14 different colors, they measure approximately 1 inch by 4 inches, and have a permanent adhesive to stick to your corrugated moving boxes. A sense of relief overwhelms you as you know the stress of moving is no longer a part of your organized life. These labels are NOT recommended to be placed on furniture.

  • ORGANIZING: There are several ways that you can organize your move, but the MOST-COST-EFFECTIVE way is to simply use these 15 Different Color Coded Moving Labels to organize your moving boxes, which means to YOU a more Organized and Stress-Free Move.
  • Saving Both TIME and MONEY for over 20 Years: Moving often means chaos, questions, moving and removing of boxes from one room to another, but not anymore. With These Original, Brilliant, Bright, and Bold Moving Labels there are no more questions about where a box goes, no more moving them from one room to another, no more wasting time and money.
  • Clear Packing Tape 6 Pack 2 Inch x 55 Yds x 2 Mil., Easy Side Load Tape 2 Inch Industrial Tape Gun with Automatic Tensioner (No More getting finger caught in spring loaded mouse trap).
  • Over 35 Years Associated with the Moving Industry. Your Pack and Move Kit includes a Total of 800 Moving Stickers:
    • 50 of each Master Bedroom; Bedroom 2; Bedroom 3; Bedroom 4; Master Bath; Bathroom 2; Bathroom 3; Living Room; Dining Room; Storage; Kitchen; Family Room; Study; and Utility Room labels
    • 100 Fragile Labels
    • 6 Rolls of Packaging Tape
    • 2 Inch Tape Gun Dispenser
  • Labels are Permanent Adhesive, Measuring 4 Inches x 1 Inch. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON FURNITURE.
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