Team Lift Labels (Bulk)

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Product Details
  • Team Lift Stickers
    • When packing heavy items, make sure they are handled safely and with care with these Bold, Bright, Colorful, Team Lift Labels
  • Clear Text
    • This label comes in 3 different languages: “Team Lift Required, Elevacion Del Equipo, Lever En Equipe” in Bright Yellow/Black and easy to read on 4”x 2.5” label
  • Top Notch Quality
    • Our strong permanent self adhesive is formulated to stick to any corrugated moving boxes, shipping boxes, plastic tubs, and steel drums (make sure application surface is free of dust or dirt before applying label)
  • Made in the USA

A bit on the obsessive-compulsive side, you prepare to move with impeccable detail. All factors are in order for moving day. Your kitchen is set up like a mini packing station – on the island countertop, you have first, a stack of packing paper and second, a roll of bubble wrap for fragile items in the home. For even more delicate items, or your all-white and spot-free dinnerware set, are sheets of foam squarely stacked. You are triple-prepared with three tape guns at each station, with the first at the end of the island to secure your wrapping. Moving clockwise, sitting on the floor in front of the kitchen bay window, are your boxes, in order from small to large moving boxes, neatly piled per size with a sample box already unfolded and taped for your reference when choosing the right size of box for your household items. Of course, a second tape gun with packing tape is loaded and ready for the second step. Further to the right is the kitchen table with both extensions inserted, allowing for a larger work area. Sitting on top, exactly six inches from the edge of the table, is a bag of packing peanuts and a second stack of wrapping paper for filling space inside each moving box. Sitting apart from the packing paper at the exact width of the biggest box is the third roll of packing tape ready to secure the box flaps for a final time. Of course, no organized move would be complete without correct labeling of boxes, so your fourth stop on the packing train are pre-printed moving labels that peel and stick with ease, directly onto each box.

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