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Need help finding out what size storage unit you need for your posessions?

Utilize our storage unit size calculator below!

DISCLAIMER: This calculation is an estimate only. The actual Storage Unit size may vary.

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This storage calculator assumes most items are stacked properly every time to maximize space when storing.

Being inexperienced in stacking items can result in taking up almost an entire storage unit. If that is the case, we recommend upgrading the storage unit size.

Otherwise hiring professional movers experienced in stacking will help maximize your storage space.

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Storage Unit Pro Tips:

  • Make sure to properly wrap furniture before storing it in the unit to protect its surfaces from rubbing, scratching, and to allow easier stacking.
  • To help prevent molding and moister, DO NOT directly apply stretch wrap to furniture. Add padding or paper to allow ventilation.
  • Most of the time items are in storage units for a while. Labeling items with proper labels will help locate them at a later time.
  • Notating boxes with HEAVY labels will help store at the bottom and maximize space.
  • Make sure to label & seal boxes properly to avoid damage. CLICK HERE for labeling products.
  • To help avoid moisture in the unit, we suggest purchasing a “Moisture Absorber & Odor Eliminator.
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