We always recommend Tag A Room Moving Labels to organize your move.  This will help when loading your truck or container and speed up the unloading process at your new home.  By labeling everything your friends, family or movers will save time when placing items into your new home.   If you have ever moved before it can get pretty overwhelming when everyone is yelling where does this go?  Soon you may find yourself just saying put it down or put it in the garage.  If you do that it will only create more work for you. When everyone leaves the unpacking just became more stressful.

Labeling Your Boxes and Furniture When Moving

Let’s start with labeling the boxes you are packing.  One common mistake people make is labeling only the top of the box.  It’s ok to label the top of the box however you should label at least two sides of the box. We typically recommend labeling all four sides of the box.  Keep in mind if you label only the top of the box you will find yourself unstacking your boxes when carrying the boxes into your new home or storage facility to read the labels.

Proper Tag A Room Labeling Will Reduce Unloading Times

When you label your boxes on the sides and by the room that the box came out of you will be able to stack those boxes on the dolly.  This reduces the number of trips you will make into the home and help ensure your movers have placed the boxes in the correct room.  If you are going to use a marker to label your boxes write the room destination, items in the box (contents), and the number of the box.  The number of the box is not always necessary unless you want to keep an inventory of your items for storage insurance purposes or moving across the country.  Make sure your handwriting is large and clearly written.

Use a Color Coded System By Tag A Room Moving Labels

We recommend using a color-coded system such as Tag A Room. The moving company can follow a color chart to place boxes in the correct room listed.  Tag A Room also sells content moving labels and inventory stickers.  The moving labels make it much easier when unpacking because the names of the contents are written on each label and placed on the box.  You will be able to identify a specific box quickly.  This will help reduce the stress of your move.  After all, you have been moving all day and the last thing you want to do is start opening every box in a room looking for a single item.

A Couple Tips For Labeling Your Boxes

  1. Part Boxes – Make sure you have a parts box for each room labeled. You can either designate a box by labeling the sides of the box and what parts are in the box.  Tag A Room offers Part Box labels.  It will really help save you time when you are trying to put your bed put back together and need the screws. Another good example is setting up the TV and looking for the TV cables.
  2. Open First Box -. Label a box Open First. Inside this box place items, you will need the first night in your new home. Load these boxes in your car or at the end of the moving truck.  If you have ever had a two-year-old looking for a blanket or teddy bear before bedtime that can increase your stress on moving days.  Open First Box is a great place to keep the shower curtain, overnight medicines, and toiletries.

Tips for Unloading In Your New Home

Last tip before you start to unload and place your items into your new home is to label each room on the outside of the door jam or wall. You can purchase blue painter’s tape and simply write a room number on the tape before you place on the door jam or wall. 

EXAMPLE:  Bed Room #1, #2, #3, Living Room, etc. 

Make sure the adhesive is removable before placing the tape on your door jam or wall. You can also purchase Room ID labels from Tag-A-Room to stay organized. Remember: an organized move is a less stressful move! 

How to Use Tag-A-Room Labels 

Our labels are designed for ease! No overthinking necessary. Place the box labels on any cardboard box. The adhesive will stick into place to make sure you stay organized for a long time. But be sure not to place them on furniture! We carry furniture-specific labels that peel off without lingering residue. Then, enjoy the color-coded organization!