Choosing the right mover for your moving needs is very important. This first step may save you time and money. All moving companies are not equal. Be careful not to assume they are just moving your stuff and you only need some cheap muscle. Just like in other industries, there are scammers in the moving industry. We want to help you make an informed decision when hiring a moving company because this decision you make can mean the difference between a less stressful move or a nightmare. Remember, the moving company is loading up everything you own on their truck.

Here are four tips when hiring a moving company.   

  1. Are they actually in your community? Do they have local addresses and offices?
  2. Moving companies are required to be licensed. You can search online to see what government agency regulates moving companies in your state. Many states also have moving associations that can be a resource for locating professional moving companies. Or you can also check the status of their license to make sure it’s valid.
  3. Check their references, and read reviews with details on how the move went. Ask a couple of friends who they have used. Your realtor can be a great referral source. Movers must maintain good standing with them if they want continued referrals.
  4. Ensure the company provides you with a quote in writing, as it is required in many states that they do so. Other requirements are providing you with a not to exceed quote and information on the coverage they provide for your household goods in the event of damage during your move. Moving companies may offer quotes over the phone with a detailed list of items and information regarding your home. Examples of requested information include loading distance, such as long walks to load or unload. Are you moving from and to a ground floor location, or will there be any stairs or elevators at the origin and destination addresses? Companies are also offering facetime/video/virtual quotes. You may find the best way to get a quote may still be in person once your budget is determined.