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What is Tag-A-Room?

The Tag-A-Room product line offers people, who need to move their office or home, a way to reduce the stress and confusion associated with the experience.



“These made moving so much easier! Both for us and the movers. Worth the price!”
– Paula Hernandez

“These stickers were perfect for labeling boxes during my recent move. The colors are ideal for helping me and my movers know immediately which room boxes belong. Huge thumbs up!”
– CTMom

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Moving Labels Content Pro Pack

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Product Details
  • The most cost-effective way to Organized Moving. These moving Labels Save you Time and Money by removing the chaos and questions about “what’s in the box”. These brilliant, bright, and bold moving stickers tell you the content of each moving box, further reducing the stress of trying to figure out what is where
  • Permanent Adhesive Box Labels: These labels are for use on BOXES and other materials (Stretch Film, Moving Blankets, etc.) DO NOT STICK DIRECTLY ON FURNITURE
  • 19 Different Box Content Moving Labels, 25 Count moving sticker type, Total count of 475 Moving Labels. Each label measures approximately 1" x 4" each
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